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This is not a black and white publication, nor will it ever be. The mission of NCRN is to serve as a barometer for community affairs of African-American, Latino American, Asian American and all ethnic groups of Americans in their desire to receive social and economic justice in the USA and around the world.

We find it no coincidence that now, as editor and publisher of NCRN, we collided on the very course Hosea Williams, John Lewis and over 500 peaceful demonstrators did 44-years ago with violent police. The brutal attack those heroes suffered on the Edmund Pettus Bridge March 7, 1965 not only paved the way for all Americans to have the right to vote, but it also proved an eternal truth. The confrontation of light upon that which is unjust summons the mighty. In the case of “Bloody Sunday” 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with countless others, answered the cries above Selma, Alabama waters. In 2009, the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, along with millions of Americans, changed those tears to joy.

National Civil Rights News joins wisdom with new voices to promote Change. This legacy to bring forth truth stems from hundreds of years of struggle and triumph.

Nathan Knight, C.E.O. and Publisher of NCRN, was first surrounded by newspapers at the age of six. In the 1950’s, along with his older brothers Bill and Harry, Nathan circulated the African-American owned “Future Outlook” newspaper in Greensboro, North Carolina. Nathan recalls sitting on the fire hydrant on Elm Street, watching people headed to work. Black manual laborers would empty buses arriving from the east side of town to then board the rear of westbound buses routed to white neighborhoods.

In the 1960’s, Elm Street was the focus of national attention when students of A&T and Bennett Colleges held lunch counter sit-ins at Woolworths. It was around this time that Nathan would discover that his great-grandfather, John C. Dancy (dancy history here) Kita was born in the late 1960’s to parents both passionate about Civil Rights. Her father, William Russell Adams, Jr. was a news broadcaster at WDAS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early 1960’s. He interviewed many during the Civil Rights movement in the early 1960’s including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X. He and Kita’s mother, Carol Black-Adams would both join the staff of the University of Pennsylvania as the first minority recruiters for the institution. They traveled the country seeking talented African-American high school students deserving of scholarships. Noting the injustices faced by minorities in the courts system, they decided to enroll in the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1976. A constant theme promoted at home was the obligation of the capable to speak up for “the least of these”. While Carol and Bill practiced law, Kita discovered the south.

As a young boy growing up in Greensboro, N.C., Nathan Knight’s first job for pay was that of a newspaper boy. He sold the Future Outlook Newspaper for five cents and received two cents per copy for his efforts. Nathan watched Mr. James Franklin Johnson walk into his office every Friday with bundles of papers for his brothers, friends and himself to sell. Being the youngest of three brothers, Harry and William would take Nathan downtown and leave him there. His job was to sell papers within the two blocks of Market and Elm Streets and to be there when Harry and Will came to pick him up. Sitting atop a fire hydrant outside of Kress Department store, he offered his papers to passerby’s.

For six years he sold papers, during which adult conversation began to shift to talks of problems in Alabama about racism. Nathan’s boy scout assistant to the scout master began speaking at A&T State College concerning protests and marches downtown. His white friends that sold the Greensboro Daily were told that they couldn’t be his friend anymore. Later, students from A&T State set about the counters of F.W. Woolworth, S&W Cafeteria and S.H. Kress and demanded to be served. Everything began to change fast for Nathan. Running a risk of being late for high school each morning, Nathan would walk to A&T University’s cafeteria and listen to students talk about the civil rights issues of the day. At age fourteen he participated in his first protest march. Members of CORE, SNCC and Floyd McKissick from Burham, N.C. and other organizations were asking students from James B. Dudeley, Lincoln Jr. High, J.C. Price Jr. High, Bennett College, A&T State, North Carolina University at Greensboro, High Point College, Elon College, Guliford College, Lutheran College, and Women’s College to come together. In the quadrangle, a deep crevice in front of Holland Hall, a place convened by students for bon fires, the march waited to get instructions for the marches. Nathan was arrested in this, his first march. His friends, neighbors, fellow students and strangers were taken by the busload to the National Guard Armory. He recalls it as the scariest day of his life.

National Civil Rights News acknowledges the many different ethnic groups that came together to help African American citizens in this trying time. Media was a friend to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s and 70’s. As the 80’s and 90’s came, a change by those who owned and operated television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines shifted when it came o telling the civil rights stories. Time slots shifted, inside pages, hard to find copies, not mentioning of encounters and many other methods are used to keep control of the dissemination of information of media events.

Today, there are significantly more civil rights organizations than the few that existed in the 1960’s and 70’s. There are more problems that need attention by all ethnic groups in America. Nation Civil Rights News is a media, whose purpose is to serve the needs of every ethnic group in America protected by the United States Constitution. We will be a voice to anyone, anywhere in the United States and will be a conduit to all civil rights organizations on issues for legal, ethnical and social questions. Nation Civil Rights News will strive in connecting America with events across the nation to create social awareness and the need to remove the ills or prejudices and inhumane treatment to its citizens and immigrants. We must raise a new generation who will continue to carry a torch for the processes of justice and fight for all rights. The struggle for human rights is still a challenge today and National Civil Rights News accepts the responsibility to be a good steward of its media needs.

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